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Over the past 6 months, and have continued taking several steps to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding tax sales across the country.  As part of that process, the completed development of incorporating the best of LienSource and Tax-Lien-Database, the parent database for TaxLienLady -Database into one comprehensive, user friendly system, is ready.

Our new List Delivery System has been implemented and is now active. This new system allows for the receipt of tax sale lists in a number of formats, including Excel, PDF and printable lists. We also now have the ability to view Google Maps for each property on the list including a street view and a bird’s eye view of each picture supplied by the Google and Bing search services. In the near future, this system will allow users to pre-search and pre-filter tax sale lists based on property-specific criteria before purchasing enhanced or premium lists. And the standard lists, as before, are free with a basic subscription.

This new database is a complementary bonus of having a subscription to the Members Area of We’ve been able to add this new service without any increase of Membership price. Standard tax sale lists from this service are free and starting June 1, 2011, members will also be able to get one enhanced list per month for free as well. Since some of these lists have a value of a few hundred dollars, this brings a lot of value to the Members Area of The database allows you to do your due diligence at the same place that support, information, and courses are provided to help you invest in tax liens and tax deeds.

In our next Members Training on Wednesday April 20, we’ll have a mini-session on how to navigate the new TaxLienLady-database and demonstrate some of the new features. Log in to get the registration link.

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