Welcome to Tax Lien Lady’s Members Area! There is a lot of content here and we are constantly adding new information. I hope that you’ll enjoy it and put it to work for you.

There are 2 levels of information on this site and you need to login to the box on the right in order to access them:

MemberTax Lien Lady’s Members Area is a paid member site. As a member you can see all of the resources including articles, videos, and bonuses, and you have access to a 4 lesson online tax lien investing course – Each of these lessons would sell for $97. You also have access to monthly training webinars, and interviews and presentations with other tax lien and tax deed investing experts.  This membership level is designed for tax lien and tax deed investing newbies and those who haven’t acheived the level of success that they desire and it also comes with one 30-minute telephone consultation with the Tax Lien Lady.

Student – The Bonus courses are online tax lien and tax deed investing courses and include  more resources and bonuses then your initial membership. Because these courses are valued from $97 to $197 and because we would like you to have a basic understanding of what tax lien and tax deed investing involves before you have access to these courses, you will be granted Student access to all the bonuses after your first 60 days of paid membership.

It is my hope that you’ll find what you need to move your tax lien or tax deed investing forward in the members area, and as you grow in your tax lien investing, you’ll move your membership to the next level.

Happy and Prosperous Investing,

Joanne Musa

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