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Tax Lien Investing Club Announcement

Tax Lien Lady’s Members Area (now the Tax Lien Profits Program) is starting a tax lien investing club!

This will be a private investment club that members will be invited to join. The objective of the club is to buy and sell tax liens and redeemable tax deeds to make a profit for all investors. Investors in the club will have their own capital account and be able to buy liens from the club and other members. They will also be able to list their liens for sale to other club members or sell them directly to the club.

The legal structure of the club is a Pennsylvania limited partnership, members that join the club will join as limited partners and the general partner will be Tax Lien Consulting, LLC, the company that operates TaxLienLady.com. I will be the managing partner of the club and as such will set the criterion for liens and redeemable deeds that can be purchased by the club. I will also have the capability to purchase liens and redeemable deeds for the club, or designate someone else to purchase assets (liens or redeemable deeds) for the club.

Although these assets will be technically owned by the club, members of the club will be able to buy and sell liens and redeemable deeds that the club owns in their individual name and own them individually. Before starting this venture I want to gage your interest in joining in order to make this a worthwhile and profitable venture for everyone concerned. Once the club is formed, Tax Lien Profits Program (TaxLienLady Members) will be able to review the club agreement and decide on whether or not they would like to join.

It would be very helpful to the formation of the club if all Members could indicate their level of interest by completing this short survey.

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for trusting me to be your tax lien investing mentor. I take your trust in me and your membership to Tax Lien Lady’s Members Area seriously and I am constantly looking for ways to make the Members Area better and to help you to profit!

Encouraging You To Profit,



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Member Trainings

TrainingTableWe have training every month. If you are a member they will drop down from the Webinar Training tab above. If you would like to become a member, here is the link to register: http://www.taxlienlady.com/MembershipMain.htm

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Secondary Tax Liens For Sale

There is an updated list of secondary tax liens for sale in the Members Area.

Just click on the Liens For Sale tab to save this list to your computer. The list is a fairly large file and takes a little while to download, so it’s better to download it to your computer to view whenever you wish instead of trying to open the file.

In order to download the list you must be logged in to the Members Area. Find out more about all the benefits of subscribing to Tax Lien Lady’s Members Area at www.TaxLienLady.com/MemberhipMain.htm.

For more information about secondary tax liens click on the Secondary Tax Liens Tab at the top of the page. These liens will be for sale at our Tax Lien Investing Workshop & Conference on Friday April 26. Conference registrants can get the list by sending an e-mail to me and requesting it. Find out more about the 2013 Tax Lien Investing Workshop & Conference at www.TaxLienLady.com/conference.

Members get a 70% discount on conference registration!

Register Now at www.TaxLienLady.com/conference

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Member Webinar and Update To New Tax Lien Investing Course

Wednesay, July 13, at 9pm EST is our member only training for subscribers to Tax Lien Lady’s Members Area.

Each month we have a special webinar just for members, and on July 13th I’ll be answering member questions, letting members know what tax sales are coming up and giving a mini-lesson on ways to get more profit on tax liens.

This month will be a very special webinar training to update the new course More Profit From Tax Liens. So this webinar will be open to members as well as to everyone who’s purchased the More Profit From Tax Liens course. And as with all of the member’s webinars, it will recorded and posted in the Members Area.

Not a member yet?  Join now at  www.taxlienlady.com/MembershipMain.htm so that you can get in on the next training.

Or Purchase the More Profit From Tax Liens course for the early bird price of $49.00 and get access to this month’s member training. Buy the way, members get an additional $12.00 discount on this new course.

Find out more about More Profit From Tax Liens at www.MoreProfitFromTaxLiens.com.

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